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Higher Education SPROUT Project -Project Abstract

Project Abstract

In order to solve the students’ learning problems and improve the teachers’ working conditions in the future, the school has raised some issues in the below and made a five-year “Higher Education SPROUT Project” to step-by-step improve the school’s characteristics and reputation.

  1. To Develop University Features: To turn the school into an important educational institute of hospitality and tourism in Asia and reach a long-term goal---being ranked “top 10” educational institute in the hospitality and tourism category of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Ranking, the school still needs to accomplish the following issues to develop the university features.
    1. To become a navigator of the hospitality and tourism industry: The ultimate purpose of cultivating hospitality and tourism professionals is for them to work in the related industry. The development of the industry will thus influence the development of the university. Therefore, the school needs to take good advantage of its educational resources and the ability of big data analysis to help government to formulate hospitality and tourism industry development strategies and then to lead industry development.
    2. To promote industry-academia cooperation: In addition to the Government’s policies, industry development relies heavily on advanced research and development. Universities have abundant in research and development resources. The close industry-academia cooperation relationship will help to cultivate the professionals of research and development and develop the leading knowledge and skills of industry development.
    3. To internationalize for building the world connection: Hospitality and tourism is an internationalized industry. Hospitality and tourism education must be more connected to the world. Various learning resources and a more diverse environment are required to enhance students’ international mobility and accelerate the exchange of professional knowledge. Accordingly, the school’s position as an international university can be further strengthened as well.
  2. To Strengthen Students’ Competences of Employment and Entrepreneurship: The first mile for students after leaving the school is to enter the working environment. Therefore, it is the school’s indispensable responsibility to strengthen students’ power of employment and entrepreneurship.
    1. To cultivate the future talents who with the capabilities of cross-field integration and life-long learning: Society is advancing at an extreme speed, so we need to be constantly knowledgeable for a new tomorrow. Today’s professionalism may become common practice tomorrow. Therefore, it is an important goal of this project to cultivate students with the abilities and knowledge of cross-field integration and encourage them to keep learning continuously in their future life.
    2. To equip talents with international mobility: With globalization, most industries will open the door to attract excellent international professionals. Hospitality and tourism have long been an internationalized industry. Train students to become international talents with high international mobility is important for strengthening students’ power of employment.
  3. To Establish a Stable Teaching and Learning Eco-system: The campus is a place for students to learn and for teachers to teach. It includes not only the dual exchange between teachers and students but also other software, hardware facilities, and overall atmosphere. To establish a stable teaching and learning eco-system can benefit in deep and sustainable development of education.
    1. Build a digital long-distance teaching and learning system: With the coming of the digital era, a new wave of industrial revolution will be brought to the industries and also education industry. Digitalization and Sharing-knowledge will be the mainstream principles of future education. Building a teaching and learning eco-system to fit these mainstream principles into is definitely necessary and also will be an object of this project.
    2. Establish a learning support system for assisting disadvantaged students: With a learning support system, each student will be educated equally. High education is not compulsory. It cannot provide one-to-one teaching for students who with the weakness of economic and intelligence. Build a support system is a key objective in this project which will help students who in weakness of economic and intelligence to have equal learning opportunity.

The four major cores of the HIGHER EDUCATION SPROUT PROJECT are “taking teaching as the core”, “develop university features”, “make resources more public”, and “fulfilling the university’s social responsibilities” are just meet closely with the school’s philosophy of “internationalization” “professionalization”, “entrepreneurship”, and “humanization”, By implementing this project, the school will to fulfill the project’s main goal---to develop the school’s diverse features and to cultivate excellent hospitality and tourism professionals who will with sincere services attitude and continue innovation ability.


Relationship Diagram Between the Project Practices and the Goals to be Achieved By Higher Education SPROUT Project


Taking Teaching as the Core

  1. Talent Cultivation with International Masters Co-constructed
  1. Invite international masters in school to teach model hospitality and tourism courses.
  2. Provide all-English model hospitality and tourism courses in PhD and MA program.
  3. Cultivate international culinary art talented through cross-culture cooperation.
  4. Cultivate innovative teachers with professional foreign language teaching ability.


  1. Flipped Education to Student-Oriented
  1. Promote flexible learning and encourages teaching innovation.
  2. Develop Digital Long-Distance Learning courses and cultivates teachers’ teaching abilities.
  3. Provide diverse courses and reinforces professional foreign languages.
  4. Prompt students’ programming language ability with computing courses.


  1. Deeply Cultivate and Reform Hospitality Professional and General Education
  1. Establish a community-connected healthy and LOHAS campus.
  2. Develop an easy-learning circumstance to strength students’ learning ability.
  3. Construct a Chinese professional hospitality training program for foreign learners.
  4. Develop all-English general education courses.


Developing University Features

  1. Develop and Output Hospitality and Tourism Certifications
  1. Develop the course for prompting the hospitality and tourism certification.
  2. Select and train seeded teachers for developed hospitality and tourism certification.
  3. Reinforce hospitality and tourism certification courses promotions.
  4. Develop overseas marketing of Taiwanese gourmets’ foods.
  1. International Mobility Value-Added System
  1. Strengthen international exchange ability.
  2. Link the employment power with the resources of international alumni.
  3. Enhance support for overseas internships.
  4. Accredit with international hospitality and tourism education evaluation system.
  5. Form an internationally friendly campus.


Making Resources More Public

  1. Implement a Friendly Campus Circumstance
  1. Reinforce support for the economically disadvantaged students.
  2. Emphasize coaching for the culturally disadvantaged students.
  3. Construct solid structure of diverse abilities teachers.
  4. Implement organizing and managing the school affairs.


Fulfilling Social Responsibility

  1. Form a Forwarding and Innovative Entrepreneurial Environment
  1. Carry out knowledge and technique integration and transformation.
  2. Diagnose industrial problems and develop the key solution techniques
  3. Establish a hospitality and tourism industry-academia cooperation think tank.
  4. Cultivate young overseas Chinese individuals to start new businesses in their place of residence abroad
  1. Hospitality and Tourism Social Service Platform
  1. Develop humanistic and artistic knowledge and sharing liberal learning
  2. Train and assist minority groups and enhance social service learning
  3. Deepen the support for disadvantaged students and lead the hospitality and tourism education.
  1. Cross Culture Integrated Research and Development System
  1. Prompt oversea employment power and international entrepreneurs.        
  2. Develop intelligence hospitality information system and build sustainable industry-academia cooperation.