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How do students in mainland China who have received an admission letter apply for registration?

The land registration permit letter issued by the University Admissions Committee (referred to as the Mainland Association for Admission to the Mainland (referred to as the Mainland Federation), the registration date is in mid-September.
For details, please refer to the school calendar of the school's Academic Affairs Office website (http://academic.nkuht.edu.tw/main.php).
The school (Registration Course Group) will send a separate notice of registration notice in August. For further information,
For details, please contact our school registration team +886-7-8060505 ext. 1220 or mail to kelly@mail.nkuht.edu.tw.
Please pay for the tuition and fees collection (please go to the University's World Wide Web / Student / Student Registration Payment System).
The web page goes to http://webap6.nkuht.edu.tw/stdata/login.asp),
Please pay attention to the registration instructions sent in mid-August. If you need further consultation, please contact our cashier group (07-8060505 ext.1530-1533).
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